Put the takeout menus away, because these simple dinners will get you through even the most hectic of evenings, and your children are sure to love them!

  1. Lasagna is always a family favorite. It’s a dish that adults and kids both love. Toiling over béchamel sauce and waiting on a hot oven, however, isn’t exactly weeknight friendly. This 30-minute stovetop version is what your family needs.
  1. Making a true tamale is no easy feat, but you can capture the flavors of the Mexican specialty in this simple casserole that will have everyone in the family asking for seconds.
  1. tortellini with pumpkin sauceTortellini with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce sounds like a dish you might order at an Italian restaurant, but it’s deceptively easy and quick to whip up at home, taking only 10 minutes of prep time and 1
    0 minutes of cook time.
  1. Kids love taco night, but greasy meat and cheese fillings can be substituted with healthy fish and a salsa verde that gives these tacos more flavor than traditional varieties.
  1. With only 10 minutes of prep time, this slow cooker dish allows you to set it and forget it, only to sechild eating mac and cheeserve up tender chicken and crowd pleasing Tex-Mex flavors at dinnertime.
  1. Even the pickiest eaters will love this simple lemon butter chicken, served with noodles. It takes only 20 minutes, and delivers delicious comfort food.
  1. This pasta dish consists mainly of ingredients you probably already have around the kitchen, and boasts just a 10-minute prep-time. We know of a toddler who begs for this dish every night!
  1. Mac and cheese is always a winner with kids, and this version slips cauliflower into the mix. Your little ones won’t even realize how many vitamins, antioxidants, and how much fiber they’re getting!
  1. While a lot of kids love white fish and a bit of a kick, if the halibut tacos on this list aren’t quite to your kids’ taste, these chicken tacos with an avocado crema are sure to please.
  1. Only five minutes of prep time? This dinner is perfect for the most hectic of nights. Lemony pasta with asparagus is a healthy choice that grown-ups and kids will enjoy.

When you’re in a dinnertime pinch, what’s your go-to recipe? Let us know in the comments section!