child playing in leavesBefore we know it, fall will officially be in full swing! With winter on the near horizon we’ve put together a list of activities to celebrate the short but sweet season of autumn. 

Nature Scavenger Hunt – An outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to soak in some autumn sunshine before the gloomy grey winter days take over.  Take a paper bag and write down a few things you want to look for and collect on your walk, and help your child take note of the changes occurring as summer transitions into fall. 

Raking Leaves – Physical activities build strong, healthy bodies and generate body heat to keep kids warm as the days get cooler. Of course, when they finish up give them a chance to jump into the pile as a reward for all their hard work! 

Bird Watching – It’s that time of year when the birds start to seriously think about heading south to avoid the ice and snow. Watching the birds practice their migration formations and patterns can be a mesmerizing way to learn how different animals live.

Puddle Jumping – Fall tends to be a somewhat soggy season so embrace the rainy days by letting the kids go wild finding the biggest deepest puddles to stomp in. 

Making Mud Pies – With rain comes mud and with mud comes the opportunity to get as messy as possible making mud pies and enjoy the feeling of squishy dirt between fingers and toes. 

Pumpkin Painting – Pumpkin carving is time-consuming and requires a lot of preparation before you even get to the dangerous bit with knives. Pumpkin painting is a safe and easy alternative for young children. 

Corn Cob Stamping – The days of sweet corn have sadly come to an end but corn cobs that are too starchy to eat still make great paint rollers. Practice making different patterns and shapes with a husked corn cob, fresh or dried, and some paint.