Finding tasty and healthy lunch ideas that your toddler will love is no small feat. Between balancing their favorite tastes, keeping their meals nutritious, and trying to save yourself some time, packing school lunches can feel like quite the hassle.

If you’re looking to add some new lunch ideas to your toddler’s schedule, we’re here to help! Now that our Monroe daycare at Child’s World Academy is open again, we want to help provide some nutritious, delicious lunch ideas that you can easily pack for your toddler. From extracurricular play time to kids yoga, our curriculum at Child’s World Academy promotes a healthy lifestyle for your kiddos, and these school lunch ideas do the same! Keep reading to learn more about some easy school lunch ideas for your toddler, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Burrito Bowls

We’re always striving to make your life as a parent easier, and finding creative ways to use leftovers is a perfect place to start. Burrito bowls can be a combination of so many different leftovers — extra chicken from taco night, corn from your weekend BBQ, beans and rice that didn’t get used up on your nachos. Not only can you customize it to your kid’s tastebuds with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream, it’s also a nutritious meal packed with protein, fiber, and whole grains.

Veggie Muffins

Veggie muffins give kids a sweet treat that they love while also allowing you to sneak some extra veggies in that they won’t even notice! Carrot cake muffins, spinach banana muffins, and chocolate zucchini muffins are just some of the delicious possibilities for veggie muffins. Make a batch that will work for a couple different school lunches, and pack some carrot sticks, sliced fruit, and some cubed turkey to round things out.

Mini Wraps

Wraps are an easy way to include an entire meal in one succinct package. Similar to the burrito bowls, there are so many different ways to make these. Start with small flour tortillas, pick your favorite ingredients and dressing, then wrap and pack! One of our favorites is a spinach-bacon-ranch wrap. Spread the ranch on the inside of the tortilla and cover it with spinach greens and bacon to create a yummy, easy lunch.

Homemade Lunchables

Everyone knows the many different variations of Lunchables®, and it’s likely one of your toddler’s favorites. So why not make a tastier, healthier upgrade of the store-bought version from your home? Start with your protein of choice, usually ham or turkey roll-ups. Then add in the extra goodies — some fresh sliced fruit, string cheese or cheese slices, crackers, and veggie sticks. The end result will keep your little one happy throughout the day.

Breakfast for Lunch

One of the best things about breakfast is there’s never a bad time to eat it! Breakfast for lunch will add a twist on your toddler’s lunch routine that they are certain to love. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, either! It could be as simple as some dry cereal and fruit with a side of milk, or something more savory like bacon and eggs. 

Waffle PB&J

Speaking of breakfast foods, who doesn’t love waffles? If you’re looking for a twist on two classics, the waffle PB&J is perfect. Make some thin waffles, smother one with nut butter and the other with jelly, and slap ‘em together to make a PB&J your kid will love. Add some fresh berries and cheese slices on the side for a well-rounded meal. You can also tackle two meals at once by making a large batch of waffles for breakfast and using the leftovers for sandwiches.

Yogurt and Granola

If you want a lunch idea that requires almost no prep, yogurt and granola is your answer! Choose your kiddo’s favorite flavor of yogurt and top it with tasty bits of granola. The granola will soften a bit before lunchtime to make it easy for them to chew. Add some simple side dishes like halved cherry tomatoes and sliced fruit for a delicious, easy-to-make dish.

We know that finding the time to make a tasty, nutritious lunch for your toddler to enjoy at daycare isn’t easy, but we hope these simple recipes help! Our staff members at Child’s World Academy are so happy to be back doing what we love, and we can’t wait to continue encouraging your kids to be the best they can be. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!