Two women greeting each otherYour relationship with your child’s daycare provider is one of the most important you’ll have in your child’s early years. Whether your child’s teachers are helping to acclimate your new baby to the infant room, move your toddler through important milestones, or get your preschool child started on a lifetime of learning, these are relationships which will require collaboration and mutual understanding.

  1. Learn everyone’s names. Your child may have one or two primary teachers in her daycare classroom, but it is important to learn the names of all of the providers who care for your child throughout the day. This will help to foster positive relationships.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Ask your child’s teachers when you’re curious about what they’re learning, or how they are growing in the childcare environment. If you’re worried about something, ask. If you are noticing something new occurring at home, let your child’s teachers know.
  3. Ask how you can help. The parent/teacher relationship is a two-way street. If your child is struggling with something in school, ask how you can support his teacher’s efforts at home.
  4. Be specific! Is there certain terminology you use at home to communicate with your child? Is there something unique you do to calm her or cheer her up? Don’t be afraid to provide your childcare providers with specific input, as it will help them to help your little one.
  5. Ask for input when making decisions. Is your toddler starting to become interested in potty training? Ask his daycare teacher if she has noticed this as well. Are you struggling with a special need your child may have? Speak with your child’s care providers and keep them informed as you make decisions about your child’s health and wellness.
  6. Attend events when you can. Working parents are incredibly busy, and no childcare provider expects them to attend every event. But coming to the school to participate in a special party, concert, or reading will help you to bond with your child’s daycare providers.
  7. Say “thank you”. Thank your child’s teachers when you know they have gone above and beyond. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and your child’s teachers care more about your happiness and comfort than you know!

What do you appreciate most about your relationship with your child’s daycare providers? Are there specific ways in which you’ve been able to develop a positive rapport with them? Share with us in the comments section!