It’s January, and we are well into winter. Winter brings many great opportunities to make new memories with your children—sledding down a big hill, building snowmen in the yard, and cozy nights in with a cup of hot cocoa. But winter also has a bad side and brings us the unwelcome germs of cold and flu viruses. At Child’s World Academy, we take every necessary precaution to maintain a sterile and germ-free childcare facility to avoid exposing your children to the cold or flu. However, these viruses are relentless and will be transmitted at one point or another.

The best thing you can do is to prepare your household by following these helpful tips and proactively keep the illness at bay.     

  1. Understand the flu
    Having a clear understanding of what the flu is, how it’s transmitted, and what all of the symptoms are will help you stay ahead of it. Generally, flu symptoms are coughing, chills, fever, headache, body aches, runny nose, and a sore throat. If your child begins showing these symptoms, it is crucial to contact their Pediatrician as soon as they start. The Pediatrician can prescribe a medication to fight the virus during its early stages.
  2. Communicate with your Pediatrician
    It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so don’t hesitate consulting with your child’s Pediatrician. Get their professional opinion on when to call when illness strikes. You know your child best, so trust your instincts. If you feel your child is not acting themselves—contact the doctor’s office to discuss their symptoms and they will advise whether or not your child needs to be seen.
  3. Stay Updated on Vaccinations
    Just as standard immunizations and other important vaccinations are critical to health, children six months and older should get their flu shots. Measles and whooping cough are huge health concerns right now. So, everyone in your household—including adults—should stay current on their vaccinations, especially the flu shot.
  4. Practice Good Hygiene
    Washing your hands on a regular basis can go a long way. Encourage the rest of your family to do the same, especially after using the restroom, blowing their noses, coughing, and sneezing.

    Teach your kids to cough and sneeze into their arm instead of their hands. As well as using tissues to wipe their nose instead of their hand or sleeves. Keep several bottles of quality hand sanitizers accessible throughout your house and the inside of your car so it is within reach when needed.
  5. Limit Who Your Child Is Around
    During cold and flu season, it seems like every household is affected by it one way or another. If you know that your child’s best friend’s house has recently been hit with the cold or flu, limit the amount of time your child spends around that friend. If all the other kids at school or childcare facility have been sick and your child has yet to catch the virus, avoid any after school activities for a while until it seems to pass.

    Additionally, keep your child home if they are sick. Parents play a big role in preventing and passing along a cold and other parents will appreciate you doing so.
  6. Stay Active
    Days at the park and riding bikes outside become few and far between during the winter months. People are more prone to catching a cold and have a harder time staying healthy when they’re stuck indoors all day. Germs are spread easier inside as there are more surfaces for them to attach to. Break the routine and bundle up for fresh air several times a week for some much needed activity and Vitamin D. Take a stroll around the neighborhood or set aside time to just play in the backyard.
  7. Stock Up on the essentials
    Nothing is worse than having a child that’s under the weather, and not having any kind of medication that is readily available. Always have a bottle of Pedialyte, children’s Advil, and cold medicine on hand. Plenty of tissues, crackers, and chicken noodle soup are also great things to keep a regular stock of throughout the year.


At Child’s World Academy, we care about your child’s health, as well as your family’s. Through the years, we have seen our share of cold and flu seasons and want you to stay ahead of it this year.   


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