ghost costumeHalloween is a super fun occasion for children of all ages. Who doesn’t love the idea of dressing up as something special, going door to door, and getting candy as a reward? For kids with autism, sensory processing disorder, or other sensory issues, finding a costume that doesn’t itch, rub, or irritate can be very difficult, and mass retailers don’t make things easier with their use of scratchy polyester fabrics. These eight costume ideas can make your child’s Halloween special and comfortable!

  1. Pajama costumes. This is the default solution for many parents of children with sensory concerns, and for good reason! It’s easy to find spooky pajamas with skeleton designs, Frankenstein artwork, or even super hero themes.
  2. A Painter. This costume is easy and fun to make! Buy a white t-shirt and a pair of pants you don’t mind covering with paint! Then, splatter different colors of paint all over the shirt and pants, and have your child carry a paint brush and maybe a palette.
  3. Ghost! This costume is a classic for good reason. For a child with sensory issues, buy a thin, soft sheet and consider cutting either very large eye holes or even an entire face hole so that she can see in front of her very easily, especially when trick-or-treating at night.
  4. Rockstar. This is a costume idea that allows you to utilize your creativity! Buy a black t-shirt and consider covering it with studs or sequins. Distress a pair of jeans or pants. Apply temporary tattoos to your child’s arms, or arm him with a guitar or microphone.
  5. Lumberjack…or Farmer! Both of these ideas allow you to dress your child in regular, everyday clothing. A lumberjack might wear a flannel shirt with jeans and boots, and carry a plastic axe. A farmer might wear overalls instead of jeans, and carry a toy tractor or several toy animals with him.
  6. Doctor…or Scientist! This is an easy costume that allows for maximum comfort. Your child can simply wear her most comfortable clothing with a lab coat on top. A scientist might also carry a plastic test tube and a doctor might carry a stethoscope.
  7. Make use of sweatshirts! Buy an inexpensive sweatshirt and adorn it however you like. A black sweatshirt could have bat wings sewn onto the sleeves. A green sweatshirt could have dinosaur scales sewn onto the back. You can even sew fairy wings or octopus tendrils to the colored sweatshirt of your choice.
  8. A Crayon! Your child can choose from any color of the rainbow! Simply buy a long sleeve tee and matching pants and draw the word “Crayola” in black on the front of the outfit. has a great selection of colors and has matching tops and pants.

If you have a child with sensory issues, how have you helped them navigate their Halloween costume choices? If you’ve come across any great Halloween ideas, let us know in the comments section!