Pat Johnsson, OwnerEvery Family has a story that contributes to who they are.

In order to make you feel part of our Child’s World Academy family, I felt you should know a little about mine….

Family values came early to me due to the fact my mother was a nun for 7 years before she left the convent and gave birth to 11 children; Chris, Arthur, myself, Johnny, Tommy, Leslie, Frankie, Damien, Nicky, Ida and Maryann in that order. Since we were all close in age we had what my mother referred to as Joeys, (baby kangaroos) each responsible for the next.

Sadly I lost my mother at the age of 16 and the family was separated. The 3 oldest went out on their own while the other 7 went into the foster care system. I did my best as the eldest girl to keep a sense of family. I held the scattered lives together with holiday gatherings and an open door policy at the home I shared with my husband Ken.

I met Ken when I was 18 and married him at 21. He embraced my large family with warmth and love and became the father of our 3 beautiful children; Kristy, Scott, and David. In 1994 we decided to open a child care center, and my partner in life became my partner in business. We involved our children in this endeavor with each one working there at one time or another. We believed this was a great education in responsibility.

Together we strive to bring our philosophy of family values, education, a nurturing environment and an open door policy to Child’s World Academy. This philosophy has sustained us in life and what we consider to be true success. So make yourself comfortable, you are a part of our family.


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