In our last blog, our day care center in Monroe went over a few helpful apps that can make managing your child’s screen time easier than ever. To recap, we’ve already gone over Kids Media, iRewards and Screen Time. These are just a few of the many great apps out there to make sure that your child is using their screen time safely and effectively. The following is a list from our child care experts of the last of the top screen time management apps:

  • Kids Place – Kids Place is a whole new kind of parental control application, and it comes with many notable attributes. Some of the best features of Kids Place include the ability to customize the home screen so that it only shows the apps you approve, the ability to schedule a specific timeline for using the device and the ability to prevent any new apps from being bought or downloaded on the device.
  • Kids Zone – With Kids Zone, you can set time limits on a smartphone, relock the phone after it has been rebooted, block texts and calls, block in-app purchases and prevent apps from installing, and block access to the internet.
  • Parental Control Board – Parental Control Board is great when you want to monitor, track and manage your child’s activities on their smartphone. This app also allows you to restrict app usage and keep track of all of the apps installed on that particular device.

Although screen time can be very educational and beneficial, there can be many risks and dangers. Keep your kids safe when they use their screens with the above apps!