Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about all the fun summer activities your family has planned. Whether it be a camping trip, a county fair, a Fourth Of July parade, swimming lessons, or summer camp, your kids will need lots of things to keep them occupied once school lets out. At Child’s World Academy in Monroe, we offer year-round childcare services, as well as summer camps for kids ages 3-5 (The Cub Camp) and 5-12 (The Adventure Camp). Click here for more information about our kids’ summer camps in Monroe, or continue reading for some main benefits of summer camp!

Build Social Skills

Take a moment to reflect on your own summer camp experience. If you’re like most of us, you remember doing fun activities with lots of other kids your age — maybe you even met your best friend at summer camp! Summer camp is a great way for young children to build social skills and step outside their normal social circle from playgroup, daycare, or preschool. At a summer camp for kids, they’ll learn how to share, work as a team, and offer a helping hand. They’ll also learn the importance of friendship and cultivate new relationships with others while out in nature.

Appreciate Nature

These days, kids get more than their fair share of screen time. Between TV time, tablet activities, and video games, today’s kids are spending less and less time outside. Summer camp allows children to reconnect with nature, as they learn to garden, kayak, play sports, visit the park, and more. Not only will your child have a greater appreciation for nature when they come home, but their interest in doing outdoor activities will grow in the future.

Get Creative

One of the most important parts of early childhood development is creativity. As your little one explores their surroundings and develops different interests, it is important for them to have a creative outlet to express themselves. Summer camp is a great way for your child to get creative, as they’ll color, do crafts, and play games with others. They’ll also do fun summer camp activities that will keep their mind sharp while school is out, such as puzzles, story reading, and games that involve counting.

Promote Healthy Living

Though there are many other benefits of summer camps for kids, the biggest benefit is that it promotes the importance of healthy living. During the summer, your little one will play outside, eat fresh food, get lots of exercise, socialize with others, do fun brain activities, explore their creative side, and just have a good time. These are all components of a healthy lifestyle, which your child will learn at a young age and ideally maintain throughout their youth and adulthood. Ready to get your child active and healthy this summer? At Child’s World Academy, we offer two summer camps for different age groups, which include fun activities to exercise developmental milestones. Read about our upcoming summer camps here, and enroll your child in our daycare or preschool program today!