Families should be able to enjoy spring break too!

Spring break is almost upon us, and although most people think of college kids and parties when they think of spring break, it is a wonderful time for family vacations as well! When you want to bring your family closer together and share an adventure, there’s no better option than a family vacation, but during spring break, it can be difficult to know which places are family friendly. That’s why our child care professionals in Newtown have come up with this list of the top spring break destinations for families:

#1. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

If you’ve been dying to go on an African safari, but you want to avoid the costly flight, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park may just be the best option for your spring break. In addition to seeing the park in a caravan outing or an open cart, you have the option to view it via zip line, hot air balloon or even a rope course! There is also an option to sleep over at the park, called “Roar & Snore”.


If your kids can’t get enough of their legos, then they will absolutely love LEGOLAND. This theme park is located in Winter Haven, Florida, and it features upwards of 50 rides and other attractions, including a water park and a variety of impressive lego models.

These are just a couple of the many incredible spring break destinations that families can take advantage of. Would you like to learn more? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!