Child having fun at the beach in the Fall
Fun at the beach doesn’t have to stop when summer ends

Dont get us wrong. We absolutely love apple-picking. When the leaves begin to turn, theres nothing that makes us happier than visiting orchards and pumpkin patches, jumping in piles of leaves, and brainstorming Halloween costumes. But there are other, often-overlooked autumnal activities that can bring your family joy this season. Try something new this fall!

Planting bulbs. Do your kids miss springs flowers as summer fades into fall? It might be a nice idea to look at pictures on the internet of the various flowers whose bulbs can be planted in the fall for a beautiful springtime bloom. Tulips and daffodils are always favorites, but get creative, depending on your soil and the amount of sun you get in you yard. Once youve chosen your ideal flowers, head to the local garden store with your child, bring home bulbs, and plan out where youll put them. You and your kids can take turns planting each one, and talking about what colors might bloom the following year.

Head to the beach. Sure, sandy fun under the hot summer sun is a crowd-pleaser, but to breathe in the salty ocean air without the crowds? Thats the beauty of autumn. Head to your nearest beach, armed with hats, scarves, and sweaters, and take a walk with the family. Youll encounter nothing but sand, shells, and dunes, without the masses of people. Afterward, retire to a nearby seafood restaurant for some warming clam chowder. Your trip will give you a whole new appreciation for the seaside.

Indulge in seasonal produce. The season of watermelon, tomatoes, and corn on the cob may have come to an end, but there is a wide variety of delicious autumnal produce to be enjoyed. Visit your local farmers market and pick up butternut squash, turnip, parsnips, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Family-friendly meals including veggie mash, risotto (easier than you think) or sides can be made from these nutritious autumnal vegetables. Cooking new foods with the whole family might help to encourage your kids to try something new.

Ring in the season at Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest celebrations are not necessarily all about the beer. Many Oktoberfest weekend festivals are very family-friendly, including kidsgames, hikes, and even oomph bands! The food can be quite kid-friendly, with sausages, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, and cider at the ready.

boys planting bulbs
Just what we like to do! Getting our hands dirty!

Learn to knit! As the nights get chillier, this tranquil, fireside activity can be enjoyable for the entire family. Ask your kids to imagine what types of warm, woolly knits they might enjoy in the winter. Younger kids may choose something simple, like a scarf, or a small, cozy, kid-sized blanket. Kids who aren’t old enough for knitting needles can finger-knit their items. Older kids might get even more creative. One child we know wanted his own, custom-made superhero cape, and knit it from green yarn. He couldnt wait for the temperatures to drop in order to wear it!

Just because summertimes outdoor activities are waning doesnt mean that the family bonding weekends and special afternoons need to come to an end. Let us know what types of autumnal fun your family enjoys in the fall season!