child at baby gateBy nature, parents want to protect their children. As babies leave the newborn stage and begin to explore their world, the possibility of disaster grows. Baby proofing the parts of a home where babies spend the majority of their time can cut down on preventable accidents. While cabinet locks and baby gates are obvious additions, here are some commonly overlooked and potentially dangerous areas. 

The Toilet – While they do make special toilet locks to avoid slippery messes and tragic accidents, many parents prefer to make sure the bathroom is completely off limits and keeping the door closed at all times. 

Heavy Furniture – For families living in earthquake zones, anchoring nearly every dresser and bookshelf to the wall is part of everyday life but for parents living elsewhere, making sure heavy furniture that could hurt or even kill a child is secured might not immediately come to mind. 

Purses – Baby proofing usually entails making a home safe for kids but what about those items that aren’t stationary such as backpacks and purses which can contain medications, alcohol-based hand sanitizer’s, sharp objects, and choking hazards. Store purses and other bags containing personal items up off the ground. Likewise, make guests put their bags in a designated spot out of reach from inquiring young minds and quick little hands.


Hot Water – Bath tubs are often considered dangerous because of the risk of drowning any measurable amount of water brings. While that is certainly a danger, hot water pouring from the faucet can scald children resulting in third degree burns and hospitalization. Try turning the water heater down in your home!  

Blinds and Curtain Cords – Dangling cords from blinds and curtains pose a strangulation risk if a child gets tangled up. Adding a small hook high on the window frame or wall beside it allows you to hang the cord out of reach. Alternatively, standard blinds can be replaced with cordless ones to completely alleviate the hazard all together.