Child care in Monroe can be pricey.

Not many parents are willing to sacrifice quality for affordability, which is a good thing, but how do you ensure that your child gets the high-quality care they deserve without breaking the bank? This is a big question for families everywhere, and it is probably the reason why up to 75% of families today feel overwhelmed by the cost of child care. The good news is that there are many ways to make child care more affordable! The following is our list of creative ways to save more on child care:

#1. Make a budget. 

Before you can truly understand how much you can afford to spend on child care, you need to make a budget. When you actually start writing everything down and crunching the numbers, you may find that you can afford more than you think.

#2. Think about enrolling your child in day care. 

When you compare all of your child care options, like a nanny, a babysitter and day care, you will find that day care is, by far, the most affordable option. In addition to it being more affordable than other child care options, day care also gives your child a chance to socialize, learn and play in a fun environment, surrounded by kids their own age.

#3. Talk to HR or your boss.

These days, the typical 9am-5pm schedule isn’t really prominent anymore. Companies are becoming more and more flexible so that they can work with their employees’ busy schedules. Find out if your work can be flexible with your schedule. You may even be able to work from home part time, which will drastically cut your child care costs.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more creative ways to save more on child care.