Dehydration can be a very serious problem, but luckily, it’s easily prevented.

Whether your child has been vomiting or having diarrhea, or he or she has been playing outside in the heat, it’s important to learn how to recognize and prevent dehydration. In our Peekskill child care center’s latest blog, we went over the signs of dehydration, as well as when to call the doctor and when to call 911. Today, the experts at our day care will be going over a few helpful tips to prevent dehydration:

#1. Give your child plenty of fluids.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, an active child needs to drink water every 20 minutes. Your child doesn’t have to drink just water, but it should make up the majority of what he or she does drink. Always keep an extra bottle of water around so that your child has plenty to drink all day.

#2. Plan your day according to the weather.

It’s important to know what the heat index will be. If the day is going to be particularly hot and humid, you may be better off planning an indoor activity, like taking a trip to a museum or reading a book.

#3. Pay close attention while your child is playing.

When your child is playing outside, it’s important to watch them closely. Children can get dehydrated much faster than adults can, and if your child does become dehydrated, you need to be able to act quickly.

Now that you know about the signs of dehydration, what to do when you notice the signs and how to prevent it, it’s time to learn the truth about common dehydration myths. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more!