Are the racks of costumes at Target not inspiring your child? Is she asking for something a little different, something more creative, something you might be able to assemble at home? Some parents are a whiz with a glue gun, know the aisles at the craft store like the backs of their hands, and never shy away from a DIY project. But if you’re a parent who shudders at the idea of breaking out the craft scisssors, we’ve compiled a list of easy DIY Halloween costumes that truly are easy. We promise, these are fun costumes you won’t sweat over.

Night sky. Black pants or leggings, a black long sleeve top, and even accessories like gloves, a scarf, a tutu, or black boots make for a cute and stylish costume. The next step? Decorate your child’s all black night sky with glow in the dark stars, moons, and comets. She’ll glow no matter how dark the evening gets!child in cowboy costume

Rosie the Riveter. Infuse a little girl power into your child’s outfit! All you need is a chambray or denim shirt, jeans, and a polka dot scarf or handkerchief to tie in her hair. Show her how to flex for maximum impact.

Cowboy/cowgirl. This one also requires just a denim or chambray shirt with jeans. Add some cowboy boots, which you can usually find for very little cash at Target or Kohl’s, and a cowboy hat, and you’ve got your costume.

Lumberjack. Luckily, lumberjack style is in this fall, so you’ll have no problem scoring an inexpensive plaid flannel button down this time of year. Tuck it into jeans, pull on a comfy beanie-style hat, and even draw on a beard with mascara!

Scarecrow. Got hay? Most craft stores sell a hay lookalike that you can stuff into your child’s button down shirt, so that it’s sticking out of the neck, between the buttons, and out of the sleeves. Add a straw hat and a smudge of brown makeup on the nose (think Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz), and your costume is good to go.

little red riding hoodLittle Red Riding Hood. This costume could not be easier. Buy a swath of red fabric, and follow this fantastic, no sew cape tutorial for a cape that’s finished in minutes and requires very little crafty skills! Your child can wear her cape over a pretty dress, or anything at all. Add a basket to take to grandma’s house, and your set. And if you feel like amping up the spooky factor, one little girl we know went from door to door with a wolf’s mask underneath her cape last year!

Carl, from the movie “Up”. Your little one will look super cute as the sweet little old man from “Up.” A cardigan, bow-tie, and glasses, along with a small walker with tennis balls on the feet and maybe a bouquet of balloons will transform your child into this lovable character.

Lego piece. Find a cardboard box that fits over your child’s torso, and remove two opposing sides of the box, so that you can fit it over your child’s body. Cut out armholes. Then, take six small plastic cups and glue them to the cardboard in the pattern of a Lego’s pegged surface. Then paint the entire costume in non-toxic paint, and let dry.

Wednesday Addams. For girls who love a little black clothing in their closets, this is a no brainer. Dress your child in a button-down black shirt, a black skirt, and black tights and flats. Two braids will complete the look!

Rubik’s cube. Find a perfectly cube-shaped cardboard box, and fit it to your child just as you would the Lego, above. Then take pieces of brightly colored construction paper and cover each side of the cube in a different color. Use black electrical tape to mark off squares!

Got any other easy, DIY costume ideas for us? What did you see on the street, at daycare, or online last year that inspired you? Let us know in the comments!