Wexpectant parents shoppinghether you’re expecting your first baby, watching your infant grow into a toddler, or welcoming your second or third, you’re likely bombarded with marketing for a variety of products, many of which you may not even need. If you’re trying to cut down on clutter and are running low on storage space, take a peek at our ten items that you definitely don’t need as a parent of an infant or toddler.

  1. Wipes Warmers. Isn’t modern technology great? Well, these gadgets actually dry out your baby wipes, and, frankly, when you’re out and about, you won’t have it on hand. Do you want your little one becoming accustomed to a perfectly warmed wipe, and then crying his eyes out when you dare to use a chilly wipe at the mall?
  1. Talcum Powder. When treating your baby’s bum, using lotions and ointments is a better way to ward off diaper rash than talcum powder. Powder does less to reduce irritation, and can actual produce skin rashes and irritate the lungs.
  1. Bottle Warmer. Again, like the wipes warmer, a bottle warmer may serve to acclimate your child to warm milk or formula, making feedings on-the-go a lot more difficult.
  1. Diaper Bag. If you see a diaper bag you like, and want to buy it, don’t let us stop you! But if you’re not in love with the various patterns and fabrics available to you, you can feel free to use any roomy tote bag. Nylon bags from Longchamp are popular, and for those who want something that looks a bit dressier, Madewell makes a terrific leather tote. Do you need to throw some diapers in that bag? Try Skip Hop’s diaper insert for a more organized experience.
  1. Too Much Newborn Clothing. Your tiny newborn baby will look adorable in her new outfits, but don’t buy more than a few newborn onesies and pajamas. She’ll be wearing 3-month sizes before she flashes her first smile.
  1. Toddler Formula. Formula companies are campaigning to sell toddler formula with promises of vitamins and minerals, but they don’t offer an advantage over cow’s milk.
  1. Time-out Pad. Time-outs can be effective disciplinary tools, but special pads with timers and flashing lights are unnecessary. It’s consistency that makes the time-out work, not bells and whistles.
  1. Faucet Extender. A plastic stool is versatile, and will allow your child to reach a variety of high-up locations, including the sink. By the time he’s old enough to wash his hands without assistance, he won’t need the extender.

Which products have you purchased that you later deemed unnecessary? Share your experiences with newer moms and dads who are trying to keep their shopping lists and registries under control!