family at fair

child at baseball gameThe end of summer is a bittersweet time for many families, especially those with young children. The beach days, lazy summer evenings, and long weekends camping are in the rear view mirror, and fall is approaching, along with the hustle and bustle that comes with it. But since summer technically lingers until later in September, your family can still enjoy a few last pieces of summer before it’s over.

Baseball. Baseball season isn’t over yet! For a real taste of summer, bring your kids to a game, whether it’s a professional game in a huge stadium or a local game at a nearby park. Hot dogs, soda, and cheering when players slide into home base all have a real summertime feel.

The county fair. Many county fairs actually take place in the late summer and early fall, when farmers have months’ worth of work to show off. Take your kids to taste local produce and check out farm animals and other attractions.

Cookouts. Cookouts are even more fun toward the end of summer, when the temperatures drop just a bit and grilling favorites like corn and tomatoes are in season. Treat your kids to a backyard cookout or two before grilling season wraps up.

S’mores. No snack straddles the line between summer and fall like s’mores. Whether you toast them on your grill, hover over the fire pit, or build a bonafide bonfire, these treats are a memorable part of late summer and early fall.

Stargazing. The weather is warm, but the sun is setting earlier, so this is prime stargazing season. Lay a blanket down in your backyard and look up at the smattering of stars overhead. Smaller kids will have fun finding random shapes out of the stars in the sky, while older ones might become interested in identifying constellations.

What are your family’s favorite activities that bid farewell to the summertime? What will you miss most about your family’s summer? Share with us in the comments section.