little girl listening to musicChildren have such a capacity for music and dance, even at very young ages. Toddlers and preschoolers may begin to dance, sing, and develop musical preferences at this age. You can encourage your child’s love of music by playing some simple at-home games with them, which will make music even more fun and engaging. Enroll your child in our preschool program and daycare center in Monroe, or continue reading for some fun preschool learning activities that encourage musical expression!

Hide and Seek

For this game, which promotes children’s listening skills, you’ll need a music player on hand. Hide the music player somewhere inside your house, and turn it on while your child’s eyes are closed. Ask your child to open their eyes and search throughout the house to find the music!

Compose Your Own Music

For this game, you’ll need sheets of paper and colored pencils. Come up with a variety of sounds, like hand claps, foot stomps, and whistles. Decide on a symbol that represents each sound, like a heart shape for a clap, a circle for a stomp, or a triangle for a whistle. Then, write down the symbols in a sequence, and ask your child to “read” their music and play a song!

Identifying Instruments

You’ll only need a music player for this game, and you’ll want to search Spotify for songs that feature instrumental solos, such as violin concertos, piano sonatas, and trumpet solos. Ask your child to identify each instrument when it’s played.

Nursery Rhyme Choreography

You’ll need a music player and a playlist of nursery rhymes for this simple song and dance game. With your child, come up with dance moves that correspond to words commonly heard in certain rhymes, such as a stomp for “baa,” a twirl for “twinkle,” or a jump for “lamb.” Start playing your nursery rhymes and get dancing!

Feeling Different Moods

You’ll need a music player or a playlist of songs that represent different moods for this preschool activity. You’ll also need to draw pictures of happy faces, angry faces, sad faces, etc. on pieces of paper. When you play a song, ask your child to hold up the emotion it makes them feel. They can even dance to express that emotion as well.

The time you spend playing these musical games with your child will reinforce their interest in music and will show them that music and dance is important to you, too. They’ll learn that music is an interest that can be shared with the people you love, and that they can express themselves in a creative way through song and dance. Got some other fun music activities for preschoolers? Share them in our comments section, or reach out to our daycare providers at Child’s World Academy in Monroe!