Fall is here, the temperatures are finally dipping down and it’s cool enough to turn the oven back on for some fall baking. Here are some tips to make whipping up some autumn treats with your kids enjoyable!  

Keep Safety in Mind

While the first thing most parents think of when baking is the piping hot oven, that’s not the only potential hazard. Make sure children always have a stable surface to stand on in order to avoid falls. Likewise, cookie dough and cake batters look appetizing (and if we are being honest, they taste pretty good, too!) but raw eggs and raw flour can harbor harmful bacteria capable of making little people very ill.  

Select Simple Recipes

Tip the potential for success in your favor by starting simple and selecting recipes without fifty ingredients and twice as many steps. Children like to mix batters and to pour in sugar and flour. Mostly, they like to eat what they’ve made!  An uncomplicated bread or chocolate chip cookie recipe will do the trick!  As children get older you can test out more complex recipes. 

Expect a Mess

Baking with young children can be chaotic by nature. Planning for clouds of flour landing on clean floors or counters sticky with frosting can make it easier to stay calm and enjoy the moment without getting upset about the monumental task cleaning the kitchen will likely be.