Candy is a big part of Halloween!

Candy may taste great, but it can lead to health issues, most notably, cavities. Although it’s a great idea to limit your child’s Halloween candy intake, you shouldn’t completely deny them candy, as this will only make them want it more. There are many things you can do to prevent cavities after Halloween, and the child care experts at our day care in Peekskill have come up with the following list of tips to help:

#1. Schedule a time for treats.

Candy should only be consumed sparingly, and setting a treat time will help your child to learn to moderate their candy intake. Try to schedule treat time for after dinner, so that your child will be brushing their teeth sooner rather than later.

#2. Know which candies to give and which to take away.

Some candies are more likely to lead to cavities than others. Avoid candies that stay in the mouth for a long period of time, like bubble gum and hard candies. The longer the sugar is in the mouth, the higher the risk for tooth decay.

#3. Avoid sugary drinks.

Since your child probably doesn’t get candy regularly, it is important to lower their sugar intake from other sources, like fruit juices, sodas or sports drinks, when they do.

#4. Encourage your child to drink more water.

After your child eats a sugary treat, give them a bit of water to drink and swish around in their mouth. This will help to rinse out the sugar, and if you give them water that contains fluoride, it can help to prevent tooth decay.

#5. Practice healthy oral habits. 

The holidays are an especially important time to encourage your child to practice healthy oral habits. Make sure that they are brushing and flossing at least twice a day.