Little girl drawingWhile the summertime means days at the beach, hikes through the woods, and plenty of day trips and excursions, there are likely to be some rainy days and some quiet afternoons indoors as well. Summertime-themed crafts can be a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged, and some of these can actually help you to bring a little bit of summertime into your home décor!

A few craft sticks, some construction paper, and some watercolor paints, are all that are needed for this colorful and functional summer craft. Fruity fans are a cute and vibrant way to get kids painting and gluing and to also end up with a product you might actually use when things get a little too warm on your back deck this summer.

Sometimes, it can be hard to get younger kids to focus, literally. These DIY “binoculars” may not magnify, but they do make scavenger hunts, nature walks, and general exploration a little bit more fun for young children, as they give them a fun way to spy hidden treasures around them.

Many families like to update their décor in small ways in order to brighten up their homes for summertime. These crafty little coasters can be a cute way to liven up any surface, whether it’s the kitchen table or your outdoor patio table. Children will love coming up with colorful deigns and will be excited to see their crafts put to good use!

These ice and salt activities are one part craft and one part science experiment. Not only will your kids have fun creating sculptures out of ice, especially in the hot weather, they’ll also learn about the way in which salt interacts with ice, especially once ambient heat is applied. This craft is fun and a little messy, and will definitely keep younger children occupied!

Every family patio needs a healthy dose of twinkly, fairy lights in the summertime. These DIY lighted mason jars are easy for kids to make and will provide your family with beautiful, whimsical illumination all summer long. It’s a unique craft that will delight your entire family, and you can make as many as you need to decorate your outdoor space.

What are some of your favorite warm weather craft ideas? Let us know what your family likes to create this time of year, in the comments section!