mom with children before schoolWhen you have a young child, a new year often means a new school year, and it doesn’t ring in with champagne. It’s generally ushered in after saying goodbye to summer camp and thinking about settling into a new routine with an emphasis on learning and development. This school year, make a few resolutions with your child in order to get off to a great start.

  1. Find a new interest. Kids have ways of cycling through interests, and each time they pick up a fascination with a new subject, it allows them to grow in terms of their skills, their development, and their confidence with new subject matter. Whether the topic is the solar system and its planets, or how to grow plants in soil, your child will benefit from becoming curious and focused on a new subject this school year.
  2. Try something new and healthy. At daycare or preschool, your child has exposure to physical activities that will accelerate their gross motor skills and overall fitness. Plus, they’ll learn a great deal about healthy eating and may decide to try some new foods. Encourage your child to try a new tumbling move or a vegetable he’s never encountered in order to build enthusiasm for health and wellness.
  3. Spend less time in front of screens. A new school year is a great time to start new habits. If your child has been hanging out in front of the television or iPad for inordinate amounts of time, you can use their new routine as an opportunity to adjust how much screen time she gets during the day.
  4. Be kind and generous to friends. Every year, your child develops a greater capacity for empathy than the year before. Encourage him to apologize when he has hurt another child, include others in his play, and share with his friends. You might find that he gets better at it with age.
  5. Find a new way to be independent. Did your toddler have a hard time independently feeding himself last year? Did your preschooler shy away from the taller ladders on the jungle gym? This year, foster independence by observing areas where your child is becoming more comfortable and encouraging her to stretch her boundaries a bit further.

Which of these do you think you and your child will prioritize this year? Let us know what your child’s resolutions are in the comments section!

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