Every child has a few special gifts that become apparent in their early years. Whether it be mental acuity, compassion, natural athleticism, or something else, realizing those talents at an early age can not only be incredibly exciting as a parent, it can also be beneficial to your child’s development.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to identify these special gifts and determine what is developmentally typical and what is considered advanced. Musical inclination is a particularly thrilling trait to notice in your little one from a young age. Continue reading below to learn some common signs of musical inclination, and contact us at Child’s World Academy in Monroe for unbeatable early childhood education!

Song Recognition

Recognizing a song after hearing only a few notes is a common indication that your child may be musically inclined. Does she begin dancing in rhythm just a few seconds in? Can he sing parts of his favorite verse before they actually begin playing? If so, your child may have a knack for memorizing chords and sequences.

Pitch Matching

When your child can reproduce a pitch which matches the pitch they hear aloud, they could be showing early signs of musical inclination. Whether it be singing along to their favorite song and matching the pitch along the way, or joining you in key when you’re singing in the car, this can be an exciting realization. When this happens, take the time to play some extra songs around your child to give them the chance to learn more pitches!

Vertical Music

When someone can hear music “vertically,” that means they are able to hear both the melody and the harmony, and pick out individual instruments, like the bass line. This can be a sign of advanced musical acuity, especially in children at a young age. If you notice your child picking out their favorite instrument in a song, it can be an early indication that they are musically inclined.


If you notice your child drumming along with the beat of a song in perfect rhythm, they may be musically gifted. This doesn’t have to be limited to a drum set, either! It can be the tapping of a foot, clapping of hands, or any other rhythmic motion you notice when one of their favorite songs comes on.

Emotional Response

Showing an emotional response to certain types of music and melodies can be indicative that your child is musically gifted. Some children who have musical inclinations may become sad when they hear a song with a somber melody or in a minor key. On the other hand, they may become very happy when hearing an upbeat tune.

If your young child shows any of these signs of being gifted in music, consider getting them a small keyboard, drum set, or guitar. Should they become particularly attached to that gift, it may be time to consider piano lessons, voice lessons, or any other form of music they are interested in. Here at Child’s World Academy in Monroe, it thrills us to help develop these traits in your children. If you suspect your child is musically inclined, let us know so we can support their interests during school!