Every winter, we can expect at least one major snowstorm to shut the town down and stay indoors where it’s warm and safe. While many people envision snow days that consist of pajamas, movies all day long, and hot cocoa by the fireplace, this doesn’t always pan out or last all day when you are living with toddlers and young children. So, what is there to do on a snow day to keep your child’s young mind stimulated and prevent boredom? Child’s World Academy is passionate about providing the best childcare through a strong educational foundation and we have a few fun ideas that will make you the ultimate snow day hero and keep your sanity.


Of course, you can always try to sit and watch a movie first thing in the morning as everyone is waking up while you sip your coffee, but you know that won’t last all day. As a proud parent, you know your kids best and you’ve probably found yourself scrounging for new ideas that will keep everyone entertained. Don’t panic, we have you covered! Today’s blog is full of easy and engaging ideas that will cure every child’s boredom. Have fun and good luck!


  1. Science Experiments. Parents, you don’t have to be a biologist to make some really neat at-home science projects to impress the kids. There are so many different experiments you and your kids can do together that will have them entertained for hours.
    1. Once the temperature outside drops below 32 degrees, blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze! Or boil a pot of water, and take it outside once it has reached boiling levels and throw the water into the snow. Watch as the water evaporates mid-air and disappears. Your kids will think you are a magician.
    2. Make a tornado in a bottle. Find two soda bottles and fill one up with water. Tape the necks together, tip upside and swirl to create a tornado effect. Make it crafty and add food coloring and glitter to the water!
    3. The classic Diet Coke and Mentos experiment never cease to amaze kids. Do this outside, unless you want to spend the rest of the snow day cleaning a very messy (and sticky) kitchen.
  2. Play outside. Bundle the kids up in their winter jackets, gloves, hats, snow boots, scarves, and take advantage of all the snow! Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, build an igloo, make snow angels. Recruit the help of extra hands to help you shovel all the snow off the driveway or walkway. You’ll be surprised how much your kids will be willing to help.
  3. Get crafty. If you’d rather stay indoors where it’s warm, there are lots of crafts you can do at home.
    1. Make friendship bracelets
    2. Make homemade shrinky dinks
    3. Create snowflake garlands
    4. Build a marshmallow catapult
  4. Let them use their imagination. Encourage your child’s imagination and put on a play, puppet show, or talent show. Better yet, why not all three!
  5. Build a fort. Kids love forts! Find all the blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows you can to build a fort in the living room and host an indoor campout. Tell stories and if you’re lucky, your children might feel cozy enough to take a nap in their fort.


At Child’s World Academy, we understand the importance of keeping things fun and engaging for your children. We hope you have found this list useful for the next snow day, or anytime you need to cure boredom at home. Be sure to visit our site today for more information. Ready to sign up? Click here to enroll in childcare in Peekskill and Monroe!