Gardening with kids can be a great way to get them excited about a project, get them outside, and engage them with something that requires care and attention and rewards them with some backyard treats! But kids tend to lose interest in fussy or slow-growing plants. These five are some of our favorites that tend to be popular among young children.

young children gardening

  1. Sunflowers, of course, are a favorite among kids. Their large size makes them a prominent feature in your garden, and kids will delight in the fact such a tall, cheerful plant grew from their efforts! Sunflowers will sprout within a week and will be around 2 feet tall by the end of the month, and you and your child can measure their progress with a tape measure every few days!
  2. These little veggies are perfect for kids who want to see fast results! Radishes germinate within a week, so your kids won’t forget about their planting project before their efforts come to fruition. Plus, radishes can be a tasty snack for kids who appreciate a good crunch and can be added to summer salads.
  3. Snow peas. Snow peas come from another plant that grows quickly, and kids love them because they can eat them directly off the vine! Letting your kids eat as they pick is a surefire way of getting more veggies into their diets. Plus, since snow peas do well in the shade, most families will find a hospitable spot for them in their backyards.
  4. Bush beans are a perfect backyard plant. They grow very quickly and yield a tremendous number of edible pods. Plus, since they grow so close to the ground, kids find them easy to harvest on their own. They don’t need any special poles or trellises to grow, so they are incredibly low maintenance.
  5. Cherry tomatoes. Colorful, sweet, and juicy, these little red fruits are a popular choice among kids, and can be used in a variety of ways, as they can be a snack on their own, an addition to salads, or a touch of color and flavor in sauces and grain bowls. They grow well in the summer months in full sun, and because they must be watered at ground level, kids can help to nurture them despite the fact that their plants grow tall.

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Do your kids enjoy gardening with you? What are some of their summertime favorites? Tell us about how your garden grows with their help!