Child at Zoo
Some experiences are never forgotten

At Child’s World Academy, we love seeing the ways in which new experiences can inspire, shape, and transform the children in our care. While fun and educational toys are an important part of any daycare setting, it’s the interactions, communication, and activities which truly reward your children. This holiday season, consider giving your children gifts of experience rather than toys to enrich their lives and watch them develop new interests and fond memories.

Consider your local museums. Is there a terrific children’s museum nearby? Or do your kids absolutely love the aquarium? Maybe the science museum is up their alley. Giving them the gift of membership to a local museum will allow them countless days of exploration and learning.

Is your little one a budding dancer? Or are you noticing an affinity for music? Maybe a natural athleticism? Think about gifting a series of lessons, whether they are dance, piano, gymnastics, or even sports, math and science, or creative writing. These types of activities can nurture your child’s interests and turn them into lifelong hobbies or even careers!

Would it brighten up your child’s face to see a pair of tickets to see her favorite sports team play? Maybe your child loves a certain musical or play, and would be thrilled to see it in person. Tickets to events like this can turn into a day out that your kids will never forget, and can become a wonderful yearly tradition,

OK, technically, equipment is a physical object, but certain pieces of equipment can build skills and nurture learning in order to take a young child’s interest to the next level. Buying a stand mixer might yield a budding baker. A pair of skis might have your child hitting the slopes like a pro in no time. A set of watercolors or pens and pencils may nurture your little artist.child ice skating

Think about the money you spend each year on toys. With that money, you might be able to afford a small trip for the family. Is there a nearby city with cultural events or beautiful parks that you’d love your kids to see? Maybe there’s a historical site or a beautiful natural attraction near you that your kids would like to explore. Build memories on a weekend trip if your budget allows.

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate quality time with family, and there’s no better way to express your gratitude for that time together than to plan for future experiences you can share. This season, think about the experiences your children might appreciate even more than toys, and which will build memories that will last longer than the latest gadget or trinket!

“We are so happy to have found Child’s World Academy.  Our daughter started there when she was 4.5 months old and still loves it today at 2.  The teachers are creative, loving, and educated.  We are always sad when it’s time for her to move to a new room because we grow so attached to her current teachers, but we quickly find that the new teachers and rooms are just as great.  Having peace of mind that your child is happy, safe, and learning while you are at work is invaluable.  They recently implemented the Tadpoles program, which sends us pictures and videos of all of the fun activities and moments from the day.  We love the updates and that we have an electronic record of her eating, sleeping, and playing each day.  CWA is the best!”  Kristen K, Danbury, CT