mom  and daughter cutting snowflakesWhile gift giving and receiving are often the spotlight of the holiday season, a large part of the magic is how beautifully everything is dressed up. From towering trees adorned with baubles and lights, or the warm glow from a lit menorah as the light bounces off the chocolate gelt sprinkled around the table, holiday decor is another big player when it comes to making the holiday season special. Here are a few ways children can help elevate holiday cheer by helping with the festive decor. 

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are an easy and inexpensive way to turn any room into a winter wonderland. They are appropriate for any winter holiday! Bonus, kids can make these with items you find around the house! All you need is white paper or white tissue paper, scissors, and string or tape.  Paper snowflakes save the day as a last minute activity on a cold weather day. 

Lighting the Menorah

There is nothing quite as striking as a dark room, lit only by the candles of the menorah. With guidance from an adult, children can light another candle for each of the eight nights of Hanukkah to celebrate the story of what should have lasted a single night multiplying and sustaining for eight.  

Paper Chains

While paper chains might not be the first decoration that comes to mind when someone says winter wonderland or warm Christmas decor, they are easy enough for young kids to put together alone or with help, add a lot of  festive color, take minimal effort and can have a big effect, and when you are done, they can be recycled.