In our last couple of blogs, we have been talking about the role that early childhood education plays in development. To recap, in our first blog, we talked about early childhood education’s effect on social and emotional development, and in our second blog, we talked about early childhood education’s effect on cognitive development. When your child attends a day care center in Newtown, CT, like Child’s world Academy, it can benefit their development in many different ways. Keep reading to learn about the role early childhood education plays in language development.

How early childhood education affects language development.

Between the ages of one and five, language development occurs at an incredibly rapid rate. When a child regularly attends a structured day care center, they are a lot more likely to frequently engage in interactions with their peers and teachers. A child that attends day care will be exposed to books being read aloud, songs, group discussions and games. This kind of constant interaction leads to advanced language skills, including improved conversational skills and vocabulary. Furthermore, studies have shown that young children who attend formal daycare are much less likely to be late talkers than young children who don’t.

As you can see, day care is about so much more than having someone watch your child. It helps to improve your child’s development in a variety of incredible ways! Would you like to learn more about our early childhood education program at Child’s World Academy? If so, contact us today for more information.