Daycare in Cortlandt Manor, NY is about so much more than just having someone watch your child.

Daycare is often overlooked¬†because many people think of daycare centers as glorified babysitters. While daycare is a great option for busy moms and dads, your kids aren’t just being looked after, they are also benefiting from early childhood education. Early childhood education enhances so many areas of your child’s life, including emotional and social development, cognitive development and language development. Over the next few blogs, we will be examining early childhood education’s effect on each of these areas.

How early childhood education affects emotional and social development:

When your child goes to the same child care center day after day, they start to develop valuable relationships with their peers and their teachers. This kind of social interaction helps to develop social skills that will not only be valuable for making friends and relationships in the future, but a socialized child is also more likely to participate in cooperative play and various learning opportunities. Socializing at an early age also teaches children how to deal with their emotions in appropriate and constructive ways, making them less likely to demonstrate aggressive behaviors as they age. Daily socialization from day care fosters social competency and confidence for young children.

Emotional and social development is just one of the many ways that your child will benefit from early childhood education. To learn about how early childhood education can promote cognitive development, please stay tuned for our next blog!