Family dinners are so important for your child!

If you have had a chance to read our last blog, then you already know about many of the ways that family dinners can benefit your child. At Child’s World Academy, we want to help you to raise a healthy, happy child, even when they leave our day care center in Cortlandt Manor, and a big part of that is family dinner. Keep reading to learn about more benefits for your child that come with family dinner:

#5. It sets them up for academic success.

Although the nutritional benefits of family dinner are obvious, not many people realize that family dinner can also benefit kids academically! Studies have shown that while around twenty percent kids who eat less than three family dinners a week gets C’s or lower, only about nine percent of kids who frequently eat family dinners get poor grades.  One of the reasons for this is that family dinners allow kids to carry on conversations with adults more frequently.

#6. It improves behavior. 

When a child eats dinner with their parents frequently, they will have a better understanding of their parents’ expectations and boundaries. There is a connection between time spent with family (especially time spent during family dinner) and a decrease in high-risk behavior. Not only can family dinners help a child’s behavior to improve at home, it also teaches them meal etiquette and good table manners that they can utilize when they are guests in someone else’s home.

Family dinners aren’t just about the food that you eat, they are about growing and communicating as a family. Taking the time for family dinners is beneficial for your child and for your entire family. Feel free to contact our child care team if you have any questions!