Your little one is full of energy. While it may seem like a handful when you have to deal with it on your own, the team at Child’s World Academy is happy to help! We believe that physical activity is one of the many components that help children grow and develop, and there are plenty of studies to support this!

In today’s blog, we’re going to touch on a few of the ways that physical activity is benefiting your child. Some of the benefits that we cover are in regards to their education while others touch on the life long benefits of daily activity. Let’s jump right into it!

Physical Benefits

There’s no doubt about it, the physical benefits that your child will see through physical activity are some of the best. A healthy lifestyle does require healthy eating and a balanced diet, but our bodies crave physical activity. It’s one of the only ways that we can strengthen our bodies and achieve the best versions of ourselves!

For children, the activity that they do primarily comes in the form of playing. Whether it’s running around the playground, jumping through the squares of hopscotch, or swinging from the monkey bars, their body is getting stronger. Physical activity, even when it is light and in the form of play, has proven to help strengthen the lungs, heart, bones, and muscles. Aside from that, it helps manage weight, regulate blood pressure, and improves energy levels.

The younger that your child is introduced to an active lifestyle, the more likely they are to stick to it. Again, this is something that is beneficial to them as they grow and can help steer clear of serious medical issues in the future.

Educational Benefits

We all knew that there would be plenty of ways that physical activity benefited the body, but did you really expect it to benefit the mind? Believe it or not, physical activity has shown to have correlations with brain activity and focus. In turn, the physical activity and the effects that it has on the mind help students with their education.

It sounds crazy, right? In reality, it’s all science! Physical activity pumps oxygen through the body, and when that oxygen makes its way to the brain, it’s able to increase the number of neurotransmitters which affect your child’s ability to focus and recall the information that they’re learning. Aside from that, it also helps your child burn off some of the energy that can quickly turn into a distraction during class.

If you have a child that struggles with focusing in class, adding routine physical activity to their schedule could be extremely beneficial! Not only is it an excellent way for them to make use of that energy, but it will help make it so that they are able to focus when they are in class.

We Believe in Physical Activity

Here at Child’s World Academy, we believe that there is more to child care than covering the standard curriculum. Our goal is to help your child develop in all ways, and that includes physical activity. That’s why we incorporate physical exercise into the schedule twice a day and offer various extra-curricular activities for our students to take advantage of.

If you’re interested in learning more about our curriculum or you’d like to start the online enrollment process for our childcare facility in Monroe, we’re here to help! Reach out to our team if you’d like to schedule a customized tour or need additional assistance.