If you have a toddler, then you already know that effective discipline can be difficult to come by.

Toddlers are in the process of learning how their behavior impacts the world around them, and a part of that learning process involves pushing boundaries. This can test the patience of even the most stoic parents, but you’ll be glad to know that our day care in Cortlandt Manor is here to help. In our last blog, we went over several tips to help you effectively discipline your toddler. Here are a few more:

#4. Take steps to prevent behavioral issues.

When your child misbehaves, it creates a learning opportunity, but in some situations, you need to be able to prevent behavioral issues. In these cases, it’s important to know what triggers your child’s behaviors so that you can remove it. For instance, if your child loves to pull things off the shelf in the grocery store, leave him or her in the cart and give them a toy to keep them occupied.

#5. Try to remain positive.

There’s no doubt about the fact that disciplining a toddler is frustrating, but when you are with your toddler, it’s important to remain positive. If you break down in front of your child, it will only make the situation worse, and it will cause your toddler to become unnecessarily¬†upset.

When you choose Child’s World Academy for your child’s care, you’ll be gaining a partner that can help you practice your own personal discipline strategy while you are at work or unable to be with your child. Contact our child care professionals today to learn more.