Disciplining toddlers is easier said than done, but our child care professionals in Peekskill are here to help.

Toddlers aren’t easy to discipline. They are at the age when they push boundaries and test their limits. However, before we get into the gritty details of how to effectively discipline your toddler, it’s important to understand what discipline is. Discipline isn’t just about punishing your child, it’s about teaching them to stop engaging in destructive behaviors. Here are a few tips to help you discipline your toddler effectively:

#1. Consistency is key.

When your child is around two or three years old, they are learning to understand the impacts of their behavior on people around them. This often means that your child will try out a specific behavior on you multiple times. If your response changes every time, it will only confuse your child. Staying consistent will teach your child that the behavior is undesirable every time they do it.

#2. Keep your emotions in check.

Nothing is more frustrating than a toddler who just won’t behave, but your frustration will only make matters worse. If you let your emotions get the best of you, your child is likely so caught up in the negativity, that they won’t learn from the behavior. On the other hand, it may scare them, which no parent wants.

#3. Give short, simple lectures.

True discipline means sitting your child down and helping them to understand why their behavior was undesirable. However, you need to keep it short and sweet so that your child doesn’t lose interest in what you are saying.

Learn more tips for disciplining your toddler when you stay tuned for our next blog.