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Does your child always end up in your room at night?

If so, you are a not alone. Many parents who have young children deal with these issues, and they can make it difficult to get enough sleep at night. However, when your child is upset, lonely, scared or just can’t sleep, the last thing that you want to do is fight with them to go back to bed. Luckily, the child care experts at Child’s World Academy in Peekskill ¬†are here to help. The following is a list of a few tips to encourage your child to sleep in their own bed all night long:

#1. Make sure that your child’s room is inviting.

Think about letting your child decorate their room. If you don’t want to give them full reign, at least let them choose the bedding and a few other elements. The more your child actually likes their room, the more likely they will be to stay in it for the night.

#2. Don’t upgrade their bed too quickly.

If your child has recently graduated from their crib, you may be tempted to go right to a twin or a full bed for them, but for some kids, this can be too much. Bigger beds can seem intimidating to some kids, and choosing a toddler bed may help your child feel more comfortable.

#3. Make bedtime a routine.

Your child’s bedtime routine doesn’t have to be special, but simply having a routine can make a huge difference, especially if you make it a point to stick to a regular bedtime. This will help to normalize your child’s sleep schedule.

Learn more tips for encouraging your child to sleep in their own bed when you stay tuned for our day care center’s next blog.