Thanksgiving is a family holiday, so the whole family should be involved!

Because Thanksgiving is all about the food, there is often one person in the family stuck in the kitchen doing all of the cooking, while the others watch football or the parade. Getting your kids involved in preparing your meal will not only take a little stress off of your shoulders, but it will also get your kids excited about the meal! The following is a list from our day care in Monroe of a few things you can do to get your kids involved in this Thanksgiving:

#1. Let them help you plan the menu. 

Do you have trouble finding something your child likes to eat on Thanksgiving? You can easily remedy this problem by letting them help you plan the menu. This puts more kid friendly options on your table, give your kids something to look forward to and it will give your kids a sense of pride and ownership.

#2. Enlist their help with decorating the house.

Whether you have lots of family and friends over for your Thanksgiving feast, or you prefer to keep it simple with just your immediate family, a few decorations will really make your home feel inviting and festive. Find some easy, fun decorations for your children to make, and then have a craft party while you transform your home for the holidays.

Want more ideas on how to get your kids involved this Thanksgiving? If so, please stay tuned for our child care expert’s next blog!