In our previous blog, our child care center in Cortlandt Manor went over a couple of tips for keeping your child active when it is cold out. To recap, we talked about spending some time in an indoor facility, like a rec center, and engaging in fun, outdoor activities in the snow. These aren’t the only things that you can do to encourage your child to become more active. The following is a list from our wonderful day care center of a few more tips for keeping your child active during the winter:

  • Play video games wisely- If your child loves to play video games, all hope is not lost! Many game consoles, like Nintendo Wii and Xbox, have come out with more active ways to play. So, if your child wants to play a video game, arrange a family Wii bowling tournament!
  • Go to the zoo or to a museum- There are plenty of great indoor activities that you and your child can participate in. While a visit to the zoo or to a museum isn’t quite as active as going swimming or riding your bikes, it will keep them walking around rather than parked in front of the television.
  • Have a dance party- Many kids absolutely love to dance, and it is a great form of exercise! Turn up the music, grab your family and dance your hearts out! This is a wonderful way for the whole family to get moving.
  • Play in the snow- Just because there is snow on the ground, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. Have a snowball fight, build a snowman or an igloo. Whatever adventure you choose, you will encourage your child to have fun and stay active!