Candy is a child’s favorite part about Halloween. 

Sure, getting dressed up is fun, and who doesn’t like to be spooked every now and then, but for a child, the best part about Halloween is the candy. However, all of that candy will not only keep them up all night, it’s also bad for their teeth and their health as a whole. In this day and age, children end up with buckets of candy on Halloween, so how do you limit their intake? Our day care in Newtown has come up with this list of tips to help:

#1. Stay home instead of trick-or-treating.

Trick-or-treating can be fun, but if your children are small enough, you might have just as much fun dressing up and handing out candy. This is a great way to still enjoy Halloween, without ending up with a huge bucket of candy in your house afterwards.

#2. Allow your child to trade their candy in for a toy.

If there is one thing that a child loves more than candy, it is a toy. Go to the store or grab a toy catalogue and let your child pick out a toy to trade their candy in for. This is a great way to get rid of the candy without having to hear any whining or crying.

#3. Store the candy out of sight.

Decide on a candy limit for your child, and store the rest out of sight where your child can’t get to it. Some candy can even be frozen!

#4. Take the candy to work. 

Often the best way to limit your child’s candy intake is by getting it out of the house, and when you take it to the office, chances are, someone will be more than happy to eat it for you.

#5. Take only one piece per house.

If you do decide to go trick-or-treating with your child, make sure that they don’t overload by enforcing a strict, one piece of candy per house rule.

In our next blog, our child care experts will go over a few tips to help you prevent cavities with all of that Halloween candy around. Stay tuned!