Have you had a chance to read our Cortlandt Manor day care center’s last blog yet? If you have, then you already know that not only is it okay to have disagreements with your child, it is a natural and healthy part of life. However, just because disagreements are okay, it is important to know that there is a right way and a wrong way to disagree with a child. That is why our child care experts have come up with these do’s and don’t’s to make disagreements comfortable and safe for both you and your child:


  • Understand that your child may be using disagreements with you as a healthy way to release their emotions – Children can be compared to Tinkerbell, their emotions take over and they don’t really have the tools to understand them, which can lead to tantrums and fits at even the smallest disagreements.
  • Clearly and confidently assert yourself – Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, especially when they get the best of your child. Be clear and confident with your child.
  • Be assertive, even in small, seemingly inconsequential situations – Children can have some pretty funny ideas about things, like which cup they are willing to drink out of, where you are sitting on the couch, etc. Don’t just comply when your child tries to boss you around, stand up for yourself, but make sure that you are nice about it.


  • Expect your child to be respectful when they disagree with you – This is something they will learn over time, but it won’t be their automatic response.
  • Overthink your response – You should never soft-peddle, plead or ask permission, instead be assertive and confident!
  • Buy into their most outrageous tantrums and performances – Kids can throw some pretty impressive tantrums, but buying into them will only make matters worse.