When it comes to kids and screen time, there is a plethora of advice out there. Some say that you should allow young children no screen time at all while others will say that tablets and phones can be valuable learning devices that can help your kids to become familiar with all kinds of things. As a parent, you will have to figure out which advice you want to take, but the real answer is probably somewhere in the middle. Yes, your child can learn things from a tablet, but the majority of their time should be spent learning from you! That is why our child care center in Peekskill has come up with the following guide for managing your child’s screen time:

  • Establish screen-free zones – Establish the precedent early and often that your child shouldn’t use their screen at specific times and specific places. Examples of screen-free times include meal times, bedtime, etc., and screen-free places might include church, the table, etc.
  • Keep electronics out of meal times – Family dinners come with many benefits, not just for your child, but for the whole family! Banish tablets and other electronics during meal times, yours included.
  • Know what your child is doing – One of the biggest concerns of using tablets and electronic devices is the freedom children have when they use them. Ensure that you set up all possible privacy and safety measures. You should also check on your child often to ensure that you know what they are doing. Another great option is to play together!

Want to learn more tips for implementing screen time in your home? If so, stay tuned for our day care center’s next blog!