Have you had a chance to read our Fairfield day care center’s latest blog yet? If you have, then you already know that behavioral issues are much easier to prevent than they are to try and address later on. We also went over a few tips to help you prevent behavioral issues. Keep reading to learn more tips from our child care experts about how to prevent behavioral issues:

#4. Come up with a structured schedule. 

Believe it or not, kids do well with a schedule and a structure. If you make it clear when your child should be doing chores, practicing their homework and having free time, they will be much more likely to comply than if you pick random times in the day for activities.

#5. Practice positive reinforcement. 

While punishments and consequences work, nothing works quite as well as positive reinforcement. When your child behaves or does as they are supposed to, reward their good behavior! If you give your child plenty of praise and love, they will repeat those good behaviors.

#6. Teach them how to understand and express their feelings. 

This is a skill that many adults still haven’t mastered yet, but it is an important lesson to learn. Teach your child about all of the different feelings, and discuss healthy ways to express those feelings. This is a lesson in impulse control, and it can take some time, but there are many helpful games and strategies out there that can help you teach it.

#7. Address problems before they occur.

Understand what triggers your child’s behavioral issues, so that you can stay ahead of the issue. For example, if your kids always fight over who gets to play with a toy first, come up with an easy-to-understand system ahead of time.