Prevention is easier than trying to address something after the fact. 

Whether you are talking about auto repair, health problems or behavioral issues, prevention is a much easier and more effective route to take rather than trying to address the issue later on. If you prevent behavioral problems from happening before they start, you will skip a whole lot of frustration. Before we go into how to prevent behavioral issues, it is important to note that prevention will take some extra effort and time, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. So, without further ado, here is our Cortlandt Manor daycare’s guide on how to prevent behavioral issues:

#1. Develop a strong, healthy relationship with your child.

Without a great relationship between parent and child, the child will be much less likely to want to behave. Think about it, if you respect and like your boss, you are much more likely to work hard and follow the rules –the same goes for your child.

#2. Put the rules in writing. 

In order for a child to follow the rules, they must first understand them! One of the best ways to make your expectations clear is by writing them down and putting them somewhere your child can be reminded of them regularly. Ensure that you include expectations in other situations too, like when you are visiting a friends house, on vacation or at a formal event.

#3. Make the consequences clear. 

Just as you made the rules clear, so must you make the consequences. Your child needs to understand the consequences when they break the rules. Keep in mind that you should always stay firm and stick with the consequences. If you make idle threats, your child will quickly figure it out.

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