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mom tired of messIs your house littered with toys that seem to have no special place of their own? Do you constantly find yourself losing toys or tripping over toys that are never played with? Many families find themselves accumulating toys without any real organization system, and that can make your home feel a bit cluttered and stressful. Not to mention that your children will play less when they can’t find the toys they need. Here are some tips our daycare providers and preschool teachers put together to help you take charge of your home’s toy clutter:

Make a special spot for favorite toys. Identify your child’s favorite toys — the ones they play with on a daily basis and ask for the minute they get home from school. Finding a special bin for these toys will make them easy to find and easy to put away, in addition to reducing the amount of toys that get tossed onto the floor in search of their favorites!

Rethink the size of your bins. Bins and toy boxes are often oversized, holding a multitude of toys but making it very difficult to locate the toys that sink to the bottom. As a result, toys become forgotten about, or entire bins are dumped to the ground in search of one particular toy. Instead, buy small, shallow bins for smaller toys or toys with many small parts. Buy midsize bins for most of your child’s larger toys, like dress-up clothing or balls can be sorted into larger bins.

Consider rotating toys. Go through your child’s toy collection and identify the toys that are played with less frequently. Move those toys to bins in the basement or attic, cutting down on clutter in your living space. After a few months, if you notice your child growing bored with the toys they have on hand, swap them out for the ones in storage.

Encourage your child to part with toys. Every six months or so, go through your child’s toys with them and ask them to identify toys they think they have grown out of, or maybe the ones they don’t play with anymore. Talk about what you can do with those toys, whether that means handing them down to younger children you know or donating them.

Have you gained some control over your home’s toy clutter? Tell us more about how you tamed the clutter in the comments section! And, if you’re looking for the best preschool or childcare center in Monroe, enroll online at Child’s World Academy!