Bedtime shouldn’t have to be a struggle!

Some kids will do anything and everything they can to avoid going to bed. The bedtime battle is one that many kids and parents struggle over night after night, and it can keep your child from getting all of the sleep they need to be happy and healthy. That’s why, in our latest blog, the child care experts from our day care center in Fairfield went over a couple of tips to help you win the bedtime battle. Keep reading for more tips:

#3. Create a rewards system. 

Most kids will do just about anything for a sticker, and going to bed without a fuss may be one of them. Create a sticker chart for bedtime, and let your child put a sticker on the next morning for things like brushing their teeth without having to be told twice, changing into their pajamas without a fuss and getting into bed without complaining.

#4. Make sure that their routine is predictable. 

Children thrive on structure and predictability, so make sure that their routine is the same every time. Make sure that they brush their teeth, change into their pajamas, use the restroom, take a bath and get their bedtime story read to them in the same order every night.

#5. Allow your child to fall asleep all alone.

If you are with your child when they drift off to sleep, there’s a good chance that they will expect you to be there when they wake up again. If they wake up in the middle of the night, this may cause a panic and prevent them from falling back asleep. That’s why it’s always a good idea to encourage your children to sleep by themselves.