Holiday craft ideas from your day care center in Monroe

Keeping your kids entertained can be hard work, but luckily the holiday season is here! There are so many fun activities and crafts for you and your kids to keep yourselves busy with! If you read our day care’s previous blog, then you already know about a couple of these activities, but there are so many more we would love to tell you about! The following is a list of the rest of the fun holiday activities that our child care experts in Monroe have come up with:

  • Hand print ornaments- The holidays are a perfect time to make keepsakes that you can admire on your tree for years to come! One classic that every parent loves is the hand print ornament. They are also super easy, which is a plus. Just make some salt dough, have your child place their hand on the ornament to make a print, and then bake it! Visit The Imagination Tree for full instructions on this project.
  • Make holiday book marks- Paper crafts are so fun and easy, and the very best thing about making holiday bookmarks is that they encourage kids to read! They will be so excited to use their new bookmark!
  • Thumbprint Rudolph ornaments- It is so easy to make thumbprint Rudolph ornaments. All you need is solid colored bulbs, brown and red paint, and a black sharpie. Have your child dip their thumb in the brown paint and crate a thumbprint on the bulb. Once the paint is dry, draw some eyes and antlers on your reindeer, and then finish it off with a round red nose in the middle!