At Child’s World Academy, we are a daycare center that believes in a strong educational foundation. Our early childhood curriculum is full of incredible subjects to help your child to succeed later in life, including math, science, reading and more, but we also believe that real world applications also have an important place in childhood education. That is why we are proud to say that in addition to all of the traditional subjects that you would expect to find in our curriculum, we also offer a variety of other classes, like kitchen creations, as a part of our innovative curriculum.

Cooking, baking and getting to know the kitchen are all fun ways for your child to learn quite a bit, have fun and explore a necessary life skill. Cooking teaches kids so many things! They will learn how to count, follow directions, measure, divide, multiply, read, comprehend and so much more. The best part about cooking and baking is that it doesn’t feel like learning. Your child won’t just be sitting in a classroom absorbing information. They will be actively learning new skills and applying them. This kind of learning allows for understanding on a much deeper level, and it is so much fun!

The things that kids learn at a young age will help to set the stage for their future. If you would love to help your child to learn in innovative new ways, then it is time for you to look into our child care centers. We proudly serve Peekskill, Cortlandt Manor, Fairfield, Monroe and Newton, and we offer all of the traditional subjects that you would expect to find, plus a few more that your child will love to learn. Contact us today for more information.