It’s a new year! Not only that, but as 2020 came to be we entered a new decade. While changing our habits and our intentions can occur at any time during the year, it’s at the very beginning when everything is still fresh and new that people most often reflect on what they’ve done in the past and refocus their energies on what they’d like to do moving forward. 

Often people set their resolutions as personal goals, but January is also a worthy time to focus on the goals you’d like to accomplish as a family. Here are some resolutions the whole family can get it on as this brand new year begins!


So much of our time is spent in front of screens. Computers for work, iPads for school, and smart phones for existing inside of a modern society that seems to require our constant attention. If you feel like you are always panicked about where your phone is, making a conscience effort to take a step back when life allows. It can be the first step in having more time to do all the things you love! 

Read More Books

Adding reading back into your rotation stretches your brain!  Whether it’s beefing up your personal library or hitting the stacks at your local public library, reading gives you an excuse to put down the heaviness of modern life. It is a great way to introduce new ideas to your children while spending time together.

Live Generously 

Take a vow to give back to those in your community who are less fortunate. For some it might be volunteering to walk dogs at the animal shelter.  For someone else it might mean giving a donation of food or money to a local homeless shelter. Not only does it feel good, being generous to those around you with your time and resources sets an example you kids are unlikely to forget.