1. 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

    If Cheerios are boring your child and the thought of making a huge breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and fruit salad is untenable on weekday mornings, try a few of these healthy, easy breakfast ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. Smoothies are a treat on a hot summer morning, and this key lime smoothie tastes like dessert but is packed with protein and antioxidants. Do your kids love mini waffles? Do…Read More

  2. Kids, Sports, and Safety: How to Keep Active Kids Healthy

    When kids engage in sports activities, they are doing something incredibly positive for their bodies. Keeping kids active is important, and making sure that they’re engaging in sports and physical activities safely is even more important. Take the following steps to ensure your child’s health and safety. Remember to warm your kids up. Before playing a sport or running for exercise, kids need…Read More

  3. Hiking with Young Children: Five Great Local Spots

    As warm weather finally settles upon us, young children are eager to run, explore, and burn off energy. If your backyard has grown a little stale, or the local playground has gotten too crowded, pack some snacks and water, lace up everyone’s sneakers, and a hit a nearby trail. Kid-friendly hikes are abundant in the area, and you and your family will have the chance to explore nature while getti…Read More

  4. CHildren Learn What they Live

    One paradox of parenthood—and there seem to be more as time goes on and children grow up—is that while we are protecting and guiding our children through life, we are simultaneously preparing them to leave us, to live without need of us. When they are teenagers, there are practical things to teach them such as filling their own prescriptions and how to write out a check, but even when they ar…Read More

  5. How Meditation Helps Children Relax and Focus

    Adults with busy jobs and a difficult balance between family and other responsibilities often manage their stress by practicing meditation or yoga. The efficacy of both is well known, and meditation has become a way of life for overextended adults. But what about children who have a difficult time relaxing, focusing, and dealing with daily stresses? The UCLA Center for Child Anxiety Resilience E…Read More

  6. Talking about Divorce with Young Children: What Toddlers and Preschoolers Need to Cope

    When parents divorce, speaking with children can be one of the most frightening and stressful experiences of the divorce process. After you and your partner have assessed your difficulties and made a decision, one of the most delicate issues still must be faced. Toddler and preschoolers need a sense of security, reassurance, and an idea of what to expect as their lives change. Keep your conversat…Read More

  7. Car Seat Safety: Myths and Facts

    The gulf between what the general population does in terms of car seat safety, and what safety experts recommend, is wider than you may think. Myth: Car seats are manufactured to be easily and quickly secured properly into the backseat of one’s vehicle. Fact: In reality, car seats can be difficult to properly secure, and if you drive an older model car, the difficulty factor increases. Many par…Read More

  8. Infant Skin Care: Five Common Issues and Solutions

    When you bring home your infant from the hospital, every little hiccup and spot may cause you to sound your internal alarm. Pediatricians receive a tremendous number of calls about rashes from parents of infants. This guide to some of the more common rashes may relieve your concerns. The issue:  Infant acne generally shows up on an infant’s skin within two weeks of birth, and is caused by the…Read More

  9. Tips for Dads

    In our last blog, we offered some tips for moms to balance work and family, but we know that men too face the same dilemmas and that men today have high hopes of either being like their dads who were great, or of being the dad that they wanted but didn’t have for a host of reasons. We are Child’s Academy in Monroe and we are lucky to have some of the best dads around! This week we’ll cover s…Read More

  10. Tough Conversations: Explaining Mental Illness to a Young Child

    The diagnosis of a family member with a mental illness can cause stress in your child’s life. If this family member is acting differently or is less present than usual, this can raise a lot of questions.  If your child himself has been diagnosed with a mental illness, he will need some basic information about mental health. Here are a few strategies for discussing mental illness with very youn…Read More