1. Safe Swimming Tips for Families with Young Children

    The advent of warm weather means family vacations, trips to the beach and to the local pool, and more time boating and in the backyard with the kiddie pool. This time of year, it’s important for parents of young children to be aware of water safety tips that will keep kids safe while in or near the water. Our five tips can help to reduce accidents while enjoying the water. Keep your eyes open fo…Read More

  2. Helping Young Children to Navigate Transitions

    Transitions seem like no big deal to an adult, but to young children, stopping a particular activity and moving on to the next one can feel very jarring. Young kids often have trouble moving from one activity to the next, both at home and at daycare. These five tips can help your child to handle transitions more calmly, and will make your day go much more smoothly! Establish a routine. Children th…Read More

  3. Drop-off and Pick-up: Tips for Easing These Transitions

    The way you drop off your child at childcare can be critical to how your little one’s morning goes... and pick-up is just as important!  Making these daily goodbyes and transitions a little smoother and treating them with more care can make your day and your child’s day much easier. How to Make Drop-off a Breeze: Prep for daycare the night before by laying out clothes, preparing lunch, and pa…Read More

  4. Five Key Tips for Parents Who Work From Home

    Working from home is in many ways a luxury. Your commute is non-existent and you avoid many of the nuisances and distractions of the office. But it comes with its own set of challenges, especially for working parents. You can avoid some common work-at-home issues by employing our tips, below. Set a Schedule It’s a priority to set a schedule for yourself, since it is easy to become a bit undisci…Read More

  5. Nurturing Your Young Child’s Love for Animals

    Whether you have a family pet, love your neighbor’s dogs, or just enjoy bringing your family to the farm to see the baby animals in the spring, fostering a love for animals in your child may be a part of your family’s life. What you may not know is that in addition to bringing your children fun and happiness, teaching them to love and care for animals helps them to develop empathy, considerati…Read More

  6. Early Speech Milestones: What to Look Out for As Your Child’s Communication Evolves

    Your infant or young toddler is gaining new skills everyday, and many parents can become confused about what is typical in terms of communication and speech acquisition. Most typical children develop according to a general timeline, so if you notice your child is not meeting certain milestones, you may want to bring them up to your pediatrician. Not every concern is a sign of an impending speech d…Read More

  7. Early Reading; How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child at a Young Age

    When your child learns to read, it will become a skill which enhances every part of their lives. Whether they begin to read voraciously for pleasure, use reading as a door to specific interests, or become interested in news and current events, reading will be an integral part of their lives as they move toward adulthood. How can you foster an early love for reading that will set the tone for their…Read More

  8. Answering “Why” Questions: Tips for Understanding and Handling Your Child’s Curiosity

    Why can’t I eat ice cream for dinner? Why is the grass green? Why do you go to work everyday? If your days are peppered with “why” questions from your little one, you’re not alone. Toddlers and preschoolers begin to ask why frequently and fervently, and it’s a normal part of their development. Why do kids ask “why”? Toddlers and preschool-age kids have unending curiosity about the wo…Read More

  9. Five Ways to Raise a Kind and Empathetic Child

    While so much emphasis is placed on academic achievement, physical fitness, and language and music learning, there is another essential skill that parents must impart to their children. Kindness is essential to the good character of a growing child, and instilling it in your child will be rewarding both for him and for the world around him as he grows. Model kindness. Think of opportunities you ca…Read More

  10. Spring Break Activities

    As our days get longer and the sun starts to peek through the winter clouds, it can only mean one thing—spring is coming! For those of you with children, that means that spring break is just around the corner. The staff at Child’s World Academy, Monroe’s Top Rated­® child care facility is looking forward to spending a week welcoming the change of seasons and the chance to spend as much tim…Read More