1. Peekskill November 2014 Newsletter

     News from Administration October was a very busy month! We enjoyed “Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day” on the 10th, as well as “World Smile Day” on the 6th.  We also had a Pumpkin Decorating Contest between all of our classrooms and celebrated Family History Month.  If you have yet to contribute a leaf to our Family Tree in the lobby, please stop by the front desk to pick one up!  …Read More

  2. Why Volunteering is Important for Kids, and How to Get the Whole Family Involved!

    Kindness. Empathy. Perspective. Those are traits we all want to nurture in our children, whether on the playground, in the classroom, or at home. One of the best ways to encourage these qualities in your child is to introduce them the the wide variety of volunteer activities that may be available to them in your community. According to research, children who participate actively in their communiti…Read More

  3. Five Tips for Getting Fantastic Photographs of Your Kids

    We all have a friend or two who always captures the most poignant moments with his children on camera. Or the biggest smiles. The funniest reaction shots. How do they do it? Some people are naturally good at interacting with kids through the lens, but if you’re not one of those people, read on for our five tips for non-expert parent photographers! 1. Focus on the face. It’s rare to get a shot …Read More

  4. Beyond Apple-Picking: Five Unexpected Fall Activities for Your Family

    Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely love apple-picking. When the leaves begin to turn, there’s nothing that makes us happier than visiting orchards and pumpkin patches, jumping in piles of leaves, and brainstorming Halloween costumes. But there are other, often-overlooked autumnal activities that can bring your family joy this season. Try something new this fall! Planting bulbs. Do your kids mis…Read More

  5. The Importance of Teaching Music to Kids

    At Child's World Academy, we pride ourselves in providing an incredibly varied curriculum. We don't just teach our kids the typical subjects, like math and science, we also make it a point to develop their creative side through music and art. This early childhood education program can give your child a well-rounded educational base that they can build off of in their later years. Many parents want…Read More

  6. Teach your children to be safe at any age

    Parents worry about their children; it’s a fact of life. Teaching them to be safe as they grow and explore is one of your most important jobs. But with so many potential threats to worry about, the task can seem overwhelming. Here are a few basics to concentrate on: • Discuss safety calmly. You want your children to be careful, not terrified. When you talk about safety matters, emphasize that …Read More

  7. Help your Child! Give them chores!

    Between having a job, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, dropping off the kids at daycare, and running countless errands, a parent’s work never ends! Our car’s might as well have the words “taxi” on one side and “maid service” on the other! We could all use a little assistance sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have our kids clean up after us for once? Believe it or not, t…Read More

  8. Mastering Manners by Kelly Debald

    As Spring and Summer commence, so do many events in which our children are invited to attend. Some of these events include Graduations, Communions, Weddings and Family Reunions. We always hope to have our children acting their best and using their manners. As parents, our busy schedules oftentimes hinder the everyday practice of using these skills and reminding our children to use them, as well. T…Read More

  9. Caring for Your Child’s Vision: Ten Things Every Parent Should Know

    June is Child Vision Awareness Month, and while many parents are very much on top of their children’s cognitive development and motor skills, vision isn’t a topic we focus on frequently. But the way your child sees the world, and the health of her eyes and the quality of her vision, are contributors to her overall wellbeing. Consider these ten helpful pieces of information, and improve your aw…Read More

  10. Back to School Tips for Preschoolers

    Here are some tips we, here at Child’s World Academy, put together for the parents of preschoolers preparing to go back to school in September. WHAT TO PACK - 4 Items to include in your child’s backpack: 1. Especially for first-time children, pack a picture of yourself with your child. 2. A full change of clothes. If your child is still in diapers, we provide them so you don’t have to worry …Read More