Welcome to our Online Registration Center. This system is designed to help you provide us with the information we need to properly care for your child. It shortens the time required to complete the process by asking you the answer to each question only once. We then are able to place that information on numerous forms, without you having to re-enter the same information again and again. It also assures us that all the important questions are answered, which after all helps us safeguard your child as best as possible.

Click here to proceed to the online enrollment page  Or Review these simple instructions here first………………

This is the first screen you will see. If you are a new user click on “Create a New Account”

ORC login

Enter your email address and create a password. Then click on the scroll bar to move down and finish the next section…

create account 1

Choose the center location, enter your child’s name, check the “I have read…”, then click “Create Account”

create account 2

Here, you will click (highlight) the appropriate “Interview” for your child’s enrollment. Then click “Begin Interview”

choose interview

Here is the next screen that shows all the pages that you will complete. You should start from the beginning if this is the first time you are here.

start interview

That’s it! Click below to get started!

Click here to proceed to the online enrollment page