What our families say they love about us

At Child’s World Academy, our child care providers strive to offer the best care for you and your child.  We believe a strong educational foundation will help your child in a wide variety of positive ways and that is best achieved in a warm and welcoming environment. We are proud to offer these unique benefits to you. And for even more benefits, remember to visit our Curriculum page.

“One of my best friend’s daughter will be starting with you in December. They were having a horrid experience wherever they were before switching. He talked to me about it and I couldnt help but talk so glowingly about you guys. It made me so thankful that Ayden had the experience that he had at CWA. I still can not thank you and the entire staff for all the love you showed Ayden. He was taught so many wonderful things, that he still carries with him today. Thank you soooooooo much. – Pat Jeanetti, Fairfield, CT”
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A convenient eco-friendly sanitizer that can sanitize hard and soft items without exposure to chemicals With its proven broad efficacy, the ZONO kills 99.9% of common bacteria and 99.99 % of common viruses+on fabric, wood, metal, plastic, paper, leather, and glass. The ZONO uses ozone created from ambient air and under one half ounce of water to sanitize porous and nonporous surfaces. We place items inside the ZONO on shelves or on carts that roll directly into the ZONO. The ZONO is an important part of our comprehensive sanitizing program.

*Staphylococcus Aurues, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aurues, Escherichia Coli, Streptococcus Pneumoniae, Streptococcus Pyogenes, Shigella Dystenriae, Salmonella Enteritidis, and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa on non-porous, semi-porous and porous surfaces.
+Norovirus on non-porous surfaces.

Keeping our families involved with the school has always been a priority of ours. We are very excited to tell you about a program called Tadpoles, a new communication tool that will be used in the classrooms. The Tadpoles program will allow our teachers to capture special moments, take photos, and videos of the children in action as well as send you classroom information. You’ll get daily reports and notes right in your email!

Each classroom will be equipped with an iPad, which will be specifically used for the Tadpoles program. If you see a teacher on what looks like a phone, rest assured, they are not, as per school policy—no cell phones in the classrooms! The devices are locked down so the teachers do not have access to the internet.
We consider all information captured using Tadpoles to be a private communication between our school and our families. No personal information is shared with any external parties and as a parent you will only receive information specifically about your child. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this exciting program!

“We have recently moved to Monroe. We are very happy with this center. My daughter transitioned well. They have a paperless system, of which I’m a huge fan. They email me photos of my daughter during the day. It is so nice to see her throughout the day. Even the daily report gets sent to both parents. Keeping both of us in the loop. Overall a great center. It’ll be a month now and so far good!” – Rachna Kalaria, Monroe, CT

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Diapers and Wipes provided at no additional charge

We now provide all the necessary diapers, pull ups and wipes for the care of your children while they are in our school. There’s no need to remember these items on your list of supplies any more, we will handle it for  you. For more information on the brand we are using please call our schools.

We are Eco-Healthy!

For healthier children and a happier earth. Research increasingly shows that the first years of a child’s life are critical to shaping their future health and development. As a parent, you want the safest and healthiest care possible for your child. Ensure that their home-away-from-home is an eco-healthy environment.

Highly Experienced Staff

Our teachers at Child’s World Academy have cared for over 3,500 children and have an average tenure of 14 years of Early Childhood Education experience – which is higher than most schools. Your child will benefit from this high level of experience and their focus and dedication to the education of young minds. And you will appreciate the consistency of having the same teachers!

“My daughter has been in other daycare centers and CWA in Monroe is the first one that proved to have respect and real care for the children and their families. I am impressed with the level of honesty when things happen. A good example is when my daughter got hurt, the teachers were very clear on what exactly happened and addressed it very efficiently. A bad thing was turned into a good thing and nobody tried to hide it, as opposed to other daycare centers in the past. Thank you, I have my trust in your teachers and your directors.- Mariana Conant, Trumbull, CT”

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Unique and Separate Classrooms by Specific Age/Development Groups

Just like in Elementary School! Separate classrooms enable your child to stay engaged and learn more effectively with their peers. Fewer distractions equal better comprehension and less frustration. (And less frustration is always a good thing–for students, teachers, and parents!)

It takes a Village to raise a child!

The unique classroom we call “The Village”, is a special place where children’s imagination can be sparked while they explore the small, child-sized buildings. Many creative moments happen in this classroom. Every child we have cared for simply loves this room.

We Test for Kindergarten Readiness

Using the Brigance testing system for our Pre-K and Kindergarten students, this testing is done one year ahead of our student’s expected attendance in Kindergarten or 1st Grade. The average score for Child’s World Academy students is 90%. Establishing this strong educational foundation is vital to the future of your child!

Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee

We know our staff and our curriculum. We are confident that we will prepare your child for Kindergarten. Certain conditions apply.

Astro-Turf on All Playgrounds

Cushioned well above ASTM specifications, your child will enjoy our fun and engaging playgrounds! They are well protected and your child will come home clean!

My family and I could not be happier with the care and education my son is receiving at Child’s World Academy. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, (everyone knows my son!) It is the hardest decision to have to make when choosing care for your child. Having an educational background myself, it was no contest that my son would not only be loved and cared for, but that he would also be well prepared for Kindergarten at Child’s World Academy! As a parent and former educator I highly recommend making an appointment to see this wonderful school for yourself.

– Susan Papula, Cortlandt Manor, NY

All Of Our Staff are CPR Trained

Many other programs train just a handful of their teachers. At Child’s World Academy, we feel having all of our staffed trained in CPR is much safer for all of the children in our care, and even for their families and caretakers also.

We teach Sign Language

Children are more adept at learning than any other age group. They are quite literally sponges for knowledge. Sign language instruction starts with infants, yes infants, and goes all the way through to kindergarten.

We teach Spanish

Just like sign language, there’s no better time to introduce a second language than in early childhood. We start in infants by playing songs and continue through kindergarten.

30-Day “Happy Family” Guarantee

We want you and your child to be successful and happy at Child’s World Academy.  If you or your child are not 100% happy with our school, just let us know in the first 30 days and you will receive a full refund of your first month’s tuition.

We offer: 

And Tumble Train Gymnastics:

For other advantages that we offer, go to our curriculum page.